Gilles Guias is the first artist who presents digitals
drawings on epaper in Paris (France), october 2007.
(Bernard Ceysson gallery and Olivier Nouvellet Gallery)

Digital drawing on free epaper (eink)


Gilles Guias and epaper


“One cannot do everything and anything on this medium. I have been working on it for months , still every day  I discover it is a very special technique.

As painting and engraving are two different approachs of an artistic expression, the digital painting on epaper has  its own rules and offers to artists who want to use it a real adventure.

The epaper appearance is magic and serves the work of art.

Several declensions of this technique may be considered: Multiple works (as engraving are)  or single (on a eink paper).

Today,  for me, the epaper is as important as the paper or the canvas.”


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